About The Writer

My name is Cody O’Brien. I was born in Fort Worth, Texas on September 29th 1996. I grew up in the Fort Worth area until I moved to Burleson, Texas when I was eleven years old. My family always had me involved in sports as a kid, so naturally I really enjoyed playing and watching sports. It wasn’t until I was about 13 years old though that I really fell in love with watching the big games. Ever since then, I have been a sports fanatic. The passion from the players and fans, the intensity late in the games, even the stats and analytics. It all enthralls me. My dad has been the most influential person on me when it comes to my knowledge and love for sports. He is from Boston, and Bostonians are very serious about their sports teams. Growing up with a New Englander dad, I inheritantly became a fan of the Boston teams. After not making the freshman baseball team and not getting playing time on my JV football team, I realized playing in the games wasn’t for me. That didn’t stop my obsession though. As an outsider looking in, my knowledge of sports just grew. Sports aren’t the only thing I love though. I also love to write. Whether I’m writing a fictional story or a persuasive essay, I really enjoy putting my thoughts on paper and bringing words to life. I’ve realized that the way for me to use both of my passions is to write about sports. I’ve always thought about being a sportswriter, but never really thought it was realistic. Now I am tired of putting it off. I started GenSports to share my unique perspective on the news in the sports world with other sports fans. I hope to make a career out of this one day.

My goal is to provide those who are interested with captivating content.

I greatly appreciate everyone that reads and shares my posts.