Doncic is a great rookie, but will he get any better?

Lately I have seen a ton of videos on my twitter-line of highlights of Dallas Mavericks’ rookie Luka Doncic.

These videos show Doncic making defenders look flat-out silly as he showcases his skill set.

These highlights are definitely nice and Doncic is certainly having a good season.

He’s averaging 18.1 points, 6.5 rebounds and 4.3 assists and he has been the best player on a Dallas team that would be in the playoffs if the season ended today.

But let’s take a step back.

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USA Today

Doncic was projected to be the most NBA-ready player coming out of the draft. He’s got six years of professional basketball under his belt, as he played in Europe.

The concern was never that Doncic lacked skills and wouldn’t be able to translate his game to the NBA right away. Everyone knew that he would immediately put up numbers.

So why wasn’t he taken Number One overall by the Phoenix Suns?

Because although Doncic had the highest floor, his ceiling is not much higher.

Before the draft, scouts highlighted that Doncic’s time in the European league made him the player most ready for the NBA, but the thing about European players is that they’re pretty much fully developed by the time they get to the NBA.

Look at the numbers of guys who came out of the European League like Manu Ginobli, Ricky Rubio, and Pau and Marc Gasol. They get to the league, put up numbers that make them great rookies, but those numbers hardly go up, they peak early and the numbers go down. Dirk Nowitzki is an exception.

So yes, he’s good, but this might be as good as he is. Meaning, his rookie numbers of 18, 7 and 4 might be the best numbers he ever puts up.

The Big Lead

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