NFL Power Rankings: Week 7

Sorry I’m late again. I’m a busy man.

Again, we’re gonna have to pretend that Thursday night’s game didn’t happen yet.

Some big things did happen in Week 6 though. New England handed Kansas City their first loss, Pittsburgh beat Cincinnati and Jacksonville gave up 40 points in their loss to Dallas.

Things are starting to get very interesting in the NFL. Let’s see who’s up and who’s down after a wild week 6:

Biggest Jump: Pittsburgh Steelers 3-2-1 – The Steelers jump up six spots this week, leap-frogging over division-rival Cincinnati, after beating them 28-21 Sunday. That was a big game for Pittsburgh. They showed they are the best team in their division. (Yes, the Jets did also jump up six spots but they only jumped up so high because a lot of teams down there moved further down.)

Biggest Drop: Jacksonville Jaguars 3-3 – Jacksonville drops six spots this week after getting blown out by Dallas 40-7 Sunday. Not only did they get blown out, but they let one of the league’s worst offenses put 40 points on them. Aren’t the Jags supposed to be the NFL’s best defense? It certainly hasn’t looked that way lately.

  1. Los Angeles Rams ⇔ 6-0 – Is an explanation even necessary at this point? The Rams are good, okay? They proved it again Sunday as they beat Denver 23-20 on the road with Todd Gurley rushing for a career-high 208 yards.
  2. New England Patriots ⇑(4) 4-2 – Yes, I’m hopping them over both Minnesota and Kansas City. They beat Kansas City. That was the game that Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs could’ve really established themselves as the AFC’s best, but New England stood tall in the end. This team, as always, is the team to beat in the AFC.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs ⇓(2) 5-1 – No longer undefeated. Actually, you know what, they lost, but they were not defeated. They lost on a last-second field goal to a great team on the road. That is not a defeat. This team is still the real deal. Unfortunately, they still drop two spots because of the loss.
  4. Minnesota Vikings ⇓(3) 3-2-1 – Minnesota won their game, but I still have to move them down simply because there’s no room for them in the top-three. At 3-2-1, Minnesota still looks like a contender, but right now they are not better than LA, New England or Kansas City.
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers ⇑(11) 3-2-1 – Pittsburgh takes a big leap this week after beating division-rival and current division-leader Cincinnati. I think that game meant a lot to the Steelers and I think they proved they are still the best team in the AFC North. Oh yea, they have a pretty good running back returning soon as well.
  6. Cincinnati ⇓(5) 4-2
  7. Green Bay ⇑(10) 3-2-1
  8. New Orleans ⇔ 4-1
  9. Philadelphia ⇔ 3-3
  10. Carolina ⇓(7) 3-2
  11. LA Chargers ⇑(13) 4-2
  12. Jacksonville ⇓(6) 3-3
  13. Washington ⇑(14) 3-2
  14. Dallas ⇑(15) 3-3
  15. Seattle ⇑(16) 3-3
  16. Tennessee ⇓(12) 3-3
  17. Houston ⇔ 3-3
  18. Baltimore ⇑(19) 4-2
  19. Atlanta ⇓(18) 2-4
  20. Miami ⇑(23) 4-2
  21. Chicago ⇓(20) 3-2
  22. Detroit ⇔ 2-3
  23. NY Jets ⇑(29) 2-3
  24. Denver ⇔ 2-4
  25. NY Giants ⇓(21) 1-5
  26. Cleveland ⇔ 2-3-1
  27. Buffalo ⇔ 2-4
  28. San Francisco ⇔ 1-5
  29. Tampa Bay ⇓(25) 2-3
  30. Arizona ⇔ 1-5
  31. Indianapolis ⇔ 1-5
  32. Oakland ⇔ 1-5
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