MLB Power 15: June 4th

Welcome to June! As the weather heats up, we can expect to see balls carrying past fences all across the majors. We’ve now got two months of baseball under our belts and as we near closer to the All-Star break and eventually the Trade Deadline, we have an idea of who our contenders are this year. Let’s see who makes it into the Power 15 as we get into the summer.

Biggest Jump: Arizona Diamondbacks (31-27) The D-Backs must not have liked being at the bottom of my rankings. They went 4-1 this week to jump up four spots. They now have the division lead again and I expect them to hold onto it for a while.

Biggest Drop: Colorado Rockies (30-29) The Rockies are a mirror image of their division rival Diamondbacks this week. They dropped four spots after going 1-4 this week. They no longer lead the tough NL West and they are only one game ahead of the Dodgers.

Other Notable Movement: We have a new number one for the first time in six weeks! Other than the Astros dropping two spots and our biggest jump and drop, we only have one spot movement across the board. Normally, I’d say this is a boring week, but like I said before, we have a new number one for the first time in a month and a half.

  1. New York Yankees (37-17) ⇑(2) The Yankees are in first place in the standings and in my rankings. They have overtaken the Red Sox as our number one as they hold the best record in the league. They won all four of their games this week and with the way those bombers are swinging their bats, that streak may get a lot longer.
  2. Boston Red Sox (41-19) ⇓(1) Every great empire falls, right? Not to be dramatic, but this team has been at the top of our rankings since mid April! They had a pretty good week, going 4-2 and splitting their series with the defending champion Astros, but their rival Yankees went 4-0 and ended up with a slightly better overall record. Obviously, I’d prefer to keep my team in first, but can’t argue with the standings.
  3. Milwaukee Brewers (37-23) ⇑(4) The NL Central is GOOD! I did not expect to have four teams from this division to be in the running this late in the season, but that’s where we’re at, and the Brewers are leading the pack. They are getting it from both sides of the ball as they are in the top ten in both Home Runs and ERA.
  4. Seattle Mariners (37-22) ⇑(5) You know another division that’s good? The NL West. They have four teams above .500 and it is Seattle, not the defending champs in Houston, at the top. After going 4-2 this week, they leap frog over their division rivals.
  5. Houston Astros (37-24) ⇓(3) Houston owns our second largest drop this week. Time to call it a blown season? Yep. No, not really. The Astros are clearly one of the best teams in the league, even with their All-Stars Altuve and Correa not playing as well as we’d expect. Their pitching is just plain supreme and I’m honestly not sure how they are not winning their division right now. It is only June though.
  6. Atlanta Braves (35-24) ⇔
  7. Chicago Cubs (33-23) ⇑(8)
  8. Washington Nationals (33-25) ⇓(7)
  9. St. Louis Cardinals (32-25) ⇑(10)
  10. Philadelphia Phillies (31-26) ⇓(9)
  11. Arizona Diamondbacks (31-27) ⇑(15)
  12. Los Angeles Angels (32-28) ⇑(12)
  13. Cleveland Indians (30-28) ⇔
  14. Pittsburgh Pirates (30-29) ⇔
  15. Colorado Rockies (30-29) ⇓(11)Power 15 0604

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