MLB Power 15: May 29th

Remember when I said I would get back to updating these rankings every Monday? Yeah, well yesterday was Memorial Day and I was swimming and hanging out with friends and family all day. But we’re only a day late instead of two weeks late like last time, so we’re moving in the right direction! Since I updated these just five days ago, there may not be a lot of movement, but let’s see where each team ranks as we close out May.

Biggest Jump: Washington Nationals (30-22) The Nats jump up five spots this week after going 4-0 since our last rankings. This team has had some issues with consistency this season but lately, they have found ways to win and get themselves back in the NL East title mix.

Biggest Drop: Pittsburgh Pirates (28-25) Pittsburgh is another team that just can’t seem to put it together consistently this season. Right now they are in one of their slumps and it results in a six spot drop this week. They are now six games back of the NL Central, but only two back of the NL Wild Card. With their division being so deep and competitive this year, the Bucs better figure something out quick before they lose ground that they can’t get back.

Other Notable Movement: The Mariners jump up two more spots this week to sneak their way into the top five. Not bad for a team who just lost their best player to a suspension. The Indians are back in the Power 15 after winning three in a row to build on their division lead. The top four teams stand still this week. How long should we expect that to last?

  1. Boston Red Sox (37-17) ⇔ The BoSox are still the best team in baseball! They find themselves tied with the Braves for the league lead in team Batting Average and they find themselves in the top five in virtually every offensive category. Their pitching is also getting it done as they rank second to only the Astros in team ERA (worth noting that the difference is an entire run).
  2. New York Yankees (33-17) ⇔ These Yankees are doing everything they can to live up to their high expectations. They lead the league in Home Runs, Runs, RBIs, and OPS. One can’t help but wonder what the standings will look like once the Yankees and Red Sox have played the same amount of games.
  3. Houston Astros (35-20) ⇔ Now that the Rockets have been eliminated from the NBA Playoffs, Houston sports fans can give the Astros all of their attention. The Astros deserve it too as they currently hold the 3rd best record in the majors, along with a league-leading ERA of 2.58 which is more than .7 runs ahead of the next closest team.
  4. Milwaukee Brewers (35-20) ⇔ Who cares about expectations? Apparently the Brewers don’t. They are leading the very deep and very competitive NL Central by 4.5 games currently as they find themselves in the top five in ERA and most offensive categories in the NL.
  5. Seattle Mariners (33-20) ⇑(7) This team definitely doesn’t care about expectations. As I previously acknowledged, the Mariners lost their best bat in Robinson Cano to an 80 game suspension and it looks like they might be better without him. They are just a game back of the defending champs in the AL West.
  6. Atlanta Braves (31-22) ⇓(5)
  7. Washington Nationals (30-22) ⇑(12)
  8. Chicago Cubs (28-22) ⇑(11)
  9. Philadelphia Phillies (29-22) ⇓(6)
  10. St. Louis Cardinals (28-23) ⇔
  11. Colorado Rockies (29-25) ⇑(13)
  12. Los Angeles Angels (29-25) ⇓(9)
  13. Cleveland Indians (27-25) ⇑(NR)
  14. Pittsburgh Pirates (28-25) ⇓(8)
  15. Arizona Diamondbacks (27-26) ⇓(14)

Power 15 529

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