MLB Power 15: May 24th

Hello everyone interested in my rankings of MLB teams! I’m very sorry for not updating this last week or even earlier this week. I will get back to updating it every week starting this coming Monday. A lot has happened since the last time I updated the Power 15. Let’s see how much the rankings have changed.

Biggest Jump: Seattle Mariners (29-19) Who would’ve guessed that the Mariners would be contenders this season? I certainly didn’t see it coming. I’m still not sold on it but if the season ended today they would be in the playoffs. They went 10-5 in the span since I last updated this list. That is enough to move them up a whopping seven spots this week.

Biggest Drop: Arizona Diamondbacks (25-24) Yikes! What happened to the D-Backs?! They drop eleven spots after going 2-13 since my last rankings. This is really upsetting for me because I had Arizona as a sleeper this season and I was proud of them living up to my expectations. We still have a long way to go but jeez what a terrible couple of weeks for these guys.

Other Notable Movement: The Brewers and Braves jump up five and three spots respectively and both find themselves in the top five this week. The Phillies almost make it up there too after jumping up six spots. The Angels drop five spots after turning into a pedestrian team. The Nationals are back in the Power 15!

  1. Boston Red Sox (34-15) ⇔ The Red Sox are STILL the best team in baseball! They’re being led by Mookie Betts, who is having a season for the ages, offseason acquisition J.D. Martinez, and ace Chris Sale.
  2. New York Yankees (31-15) ⇔ The Yankees are good. Maybe even great. I’m okay admitting that as long as they’re not as good as the Red Sox. In all seriousness, if I had updated these rankings last week, the Yankees would have jumped ahead of the Red Sox. Their sluggers are slugging and their pitching is doing good enough to keep this team in contention for the AL East title.
  3. Houston Astros (32-18) ⇑(5) The Astros were really good in my absence as they went 10-3 since my last update. It looks like they have taken control in their division as the Angels have fell.
  4. Milwaukee Brewers (31-19) ⇑(9) Here are the two surprise teams this week. I expected the Brewers to be better this season after a busy offseason, but I didn’t see them leading the NL Central in late May. They went 11-4 since my last update to jump up five spots this week.
  5. Atlanta Braves (29-19) ⇑(8) The Baby Braves are awesome! This young Braves group is going to be leading the NL East for years to come but it wasn’t supposed to start this season! We’ll see how well they finish the season but for now, they have me very excited.
  6. Philadelphia Phillies (28-19) ⇑(12)
  7. Seattle Mariners (29-19) ⇑(14)
  8. Pittsburgh Pirates (27-21) ⇑(11)
  9. Los Angeles Angels (27-22) ⇓(4)
  10. St. Louis Cardinals (26-21) ⇓(6)
  11. Chicago Cubs (25-21) ⇓(10)
  12. Washington Nationals (26-22) ⇑(NR)
  13. Colorado Rockies (26-24) ⇑(15)
  14. Arizona Diamondbacks (25-24) ⇓(3)
  15. New York Mets (24-21) ⇓(13)

Atlanta Braves 2018

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