MLB Power 15: May 8th

We’ve got a lot of movement after one week in the month of May. The Red Sox and Yankees are at the top of the league, but they aren’t the only AL East team in the top 10. The NL Central has four of its five teams in the Power 15 this week. Enough recap, let’s get to the rankings!

Biggest Jump: Milwaukee Brewers (20-15) Last week’s biggest drop team is now making this week’s biggest jump of six spots! The Brewers went 4-2 this week and they currently own the second best ERA in the National League at 3.40.

Biggest Drop: New York Mets (18-15) How amazin. The Mets are falling hard! They went 1-6 this week and they have only won 3 of their last 10 games. Their pitching isn’t doing good anymore as they hold an ERA over 4, and their line-up isn’t capable of covering the slack.

Other Notable Movement: The Yankees jump to number 2 right behind their greatest rival. The Angels jump ahead of the Astros in the top five. The Indians fall out of the Power 15 after going 3-5 this week.

  1. Boston Red Sox (25-9) ⇔ The Red Sox are still the best in the league. They hold the best batting average in the AL and are in the top five in virtually every offensive category.
  2. New York Yankees (24-10) ⇑(5) On Boston’s tail is their rival Yankees. The Bronx Bombers are living up to their name as they lead the league in runs scored. They are also ahead of everyone in the AL except the Astros in ERA. Maybe the off-season hype was real for the Yankees.
  3. Arizona Diamondbacks (23-11) ⇔ The Diamondbacks are as consistent as it gets. They are at the top of NL in ERA and they continue to lead the NL West.
  4. Los Angeles Angels (21-13) ⇑(8) The Angels have leap-frogged over their division rival Astros after going 5-1 this week. The Angels’ offense finds itself in the top five in most categories in the AL. This club appears to really want to give the defending champs a run for their money this year.
  5. Houston Astros (22-15) ⇓(2) Houston went 3-5 this week. Should Astros fans be worried about inconsistency? I don’t think so. They still have a great overall record and their pitching is just plain elite. They better be careful though now that the Angels seem to be for real.
  6. St. Louis Cardinals (20-13) ⇑(11)
  7. Toronto Blue Jays (19-16) ⇑(10)
  8. Atlanta Braves (19-14) ⇑(12)
  9. Milwaukee Brewers (20-15) ⇑(15)
  10. Chicago Cubs (17-15) ⇓(6)
  11. Pittsburgh Pirates (19-16) ⇓(9)
  12. Philadelphia Phillies (19-15) ⇑(11)
  13. New York Mets (18-15) ⇓(4)
  14. Seattle Mariners (19-14) ⇔
  15. Colorado Rockies (20-15) ⇑(NR)

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