MLB Power 15: April 30th

Well, April has come to a close. With one sixth of the regular season under wraps, let’s see who’s at the top of our rankings.

Biggest Jump: New York Yankees (18-9) The Yankees jump up seven spots this week as they are riding a nine game winning streak and are right on the tail of the Red Sox for the AL East title.

Biggest Drop: Milwaukee Brewers (16-13) Milwaukee drops five spots this week after they under-preformed while their division rival Cubs, Pirates, and Cardinals all jumped ahead of them in the NL Central.

Other Notable Movement: The Cubs are on the rise! They jump up to sixth this week. Will they break into the top five next week? Their NL Central rival Pirates didn’t like dropping last week as they jumped back into the top 10 this week. The Angels drop out of the top five this week after going through a bit of a slump.

  1. Boston Red Sox (20-7) ⇔ The Sox appear to be going through a mediocre stretch, but they still own the best record in the league.
  2. Houston Astros (19-10) ⇔ The Astros are on the rise and they are coming for that number one ranking.
  3. Arizona Diamondbacks (19-8) ⇔ They’re still winning! They have the best record in the National League and they are one game behind the Red Sox for best record in the Majors.
  4. New York Mets (17-9) ⇔ While they continue to look less and less amazing, the Mets are still good.
  5. New York Yankees (18-9) ⇑(12) As much pain as this brings me, I can’t leave them out of the top five when their record is almost as good as the Red Sox’ and they’ve won nine in a row.
  6. Chicago Cubs (15-10) ⇑(8)
  7. Cleveland Indians (14-12) ⇓(6)
  8. LA Angels (16-12) ⇓(5)
  9. Pittsburgh Pirates (17-11) ⇑(11)
  10. Toronto Blue Jays (15-12) ⇓(7)
  11. St. Louis Cardinals (15-12) ⇓(9)
  12. Atlanta Braves (16-11) ⇑(14)
  13. Philadelphia Phillies (16-11) ⇔
  14. Seattle Mariners (16-11) ⇑(15)
  15. Milwaukee Brewers (16-13) ⇓(10)

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