LeBron’s Legacy Saved by Missed Call

LeBron James found his legacy on the line last night with his team on the brink of losing Game 5 and going down 3-2 in the first round. With less than 5 seconds to go, Indiana Pacers’ All-Star Victor Oladipo goes up for the go-ahead lay up and gets his shot blocked by LeBron James. Cavs call timeout, take the ball out on Indiana’s side of the court, get the ball to LeBron and he hits a huge three to win the game 98-95. One problem though. LeBron’s block was goaltending!

Wait, was it goaltending though?

LeBron Goaltend
LeBron goaltending Oladipo’s shot

Yes, it was goaltending. The ball went from Oladipo’s hand to the backboard BEFORE LeBron got a hand on it. That means it was goaltending. As I write this, it has been confirmed by The Last Two Minute Report that it was indeed goaltending. However, it didn’t get called, so LeBron got to shoot a game winning three. What everyone needs to understand is that LeBron should not have been able to take that game winning shot!

I know that if the goaltend was called, the Pacers would’ve only been awarded two points. That would’ve been a big two points though. When you’re tied 95-95, you draw up plays different from what you’d draw up if you’re down 95-97. You CERTAINLY don’t draw up LeBron taking a relatively deep three to win the game. If the game is tied though, you get to tell LeBron, “Take whatever shot you can get. Worst case scenario, we’re going to OT.” LeBron got to play with house money and take a heroic shot with 3 seconds left all because he got away with goaltending.

That doesn’t take into account the fact that Indiana’s best player, Oladipo was 2 for 14 before the goaltended shot. Had he made more shots, the game might have been different. So, if Oladipo played better, we wouldn’t have to worry about the game coming down to a missed goaltending call. TRUE! Despite that, IT WAS GOALTENDING! If that gets called correctly, LeBron & the Cavs would be forced into a position where they are DOWN by two points. LeBron would not have taken a three to win the game in that situation.

LeBron with teammates
LeBron embracing teammates after hitting the game winner

We don’t want to remember games because of a missed call, but that’s just how it is sometimes! King James gets to add a playoff buzzer beater to his resume thanks to a referee that missed a huge call. That call is just too significant to be missed.

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