Where will Dez Bryant Land?

By now, everyone is aware that the Cowboys have pulled the plug on Dez. After eight seasons of being the biggest offensive weapon in Dallas, the primadona receiver finds himself unemployed. It shouldn’t take him too long to find a job though. With his bricks for hands, he might find himself a good gig in construction. Just teasin’. Dez doesn’t have bricks for hands. He definitely doesn’t have NFL number one wideout hands though, which Jerry Jones finally realized and chose to let him go. So, where will Dez find himself catching (or dropping) passes in 2018? I can think of a few teams that will be in the mix.

New York Giants – This is the one that everyone is already talking about. The Giants seem to love wide receivers, especially ones who are total divas. The Giants should definitely be looking to upgrade their offense after a terrible 2017. Also, they did just release Brandon Marshall, making room for a new second or third option behind Odell. Would the duo of Dez and Odell be just too much drama though? I think so. Will the Giants feel the same way as me though?

Los Angeles Rams – The Rams seem to be all in on 2018. Adding Dez to their already explosive offense would bring them that much closer to being Super Bowl champions. They lost their leading receiver Sammy Watkins, but traded for Brandin Cooks; So, they don’t exactly need a receiver. Even so, they didn’t exactly need Ndamukong Suh but they signed him anyway. They did that because, like I said, they are ALL in. Maybe they will sign Bryant just to put the cherry on top of their big offseason. As we know though, Dez isn’t cheap. With the Rams already over the cap, they would have to make some trades or cuts in order to make the financial room for the receiver.

New England Patriots – Is this considered a sleeper? It shouldn’t be. The Patriots love to bring in guys that have something to prove. After 3 straight seasons of less than 62 yards per game, Dez definitely has something to prove. We’ve seen the offseason that the Patriots have had. They’ve let the expensive guys walk, and signed cheaper players to plug in. Knowing that, can they afford Dez? Maybe. There’s a chance Dez could do a cheap one-and-done with a contending team like New England. Who better to boost your receiving stats than Tom Brady anyway? Still, Foxborough is definitely a place of professional business where drama is not tolerated. This might steer the Pats away from the very vocal Dez. (For the record, as a Pats fan, I DO NOT want Dez)  

Houston Texans – Ooo what if Dez went to the other Texas team? That’d really show the Cowboys! You know what? It could happen! The Texans had one of the NFL’s most electrifying offenses before rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson went down. Why not make the offense that much more explosive by acquiring a solidified deep threat? They have more than enough cap space to make it happen. They already have Deandre Hopkins as their go-to receiver, but Dez would be a great number two option.

Dez Bryant X
Where will Dez be throwing up the X in 2018?

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